Visual identity with an AI DNA

Reclu is a software development and IT consulting company from Zagreb, Croatia. As a name, Reclu is an AI-generated word. One of the main future focuses of the company is the development of the AI driven software solutions, so having a computer generated name makes a great sense to start with.


The slogan

Quality and experience are the two pillars of Reclu, and to express them and also to give the meaning to a new word - we have come up with the slogan that reflects the base of the future brand positioning and strategic approach of the company.


Color Scheme

Good consulting services add value and help the businesses to see the things from a fresh point of view. IT industry is fast changing and it is very important to stay reliable, relevant and stable. When it comes to colors of the Reclu's visual identity, I took all the insights I received from the client and converted them into a meaningful color scheme that complement the purpose of the (future) brand and the true nature of the company's vision.


Creative Expression

Reclu is serious, but also modern and a bit playful. Their Creative expression is the reflection of these principles. 


Creative Direction, Visualizations & Graphic Design - Miro Tomić

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