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Firefly is a team of dedicated, multidisciplinary young people with knowledge and ambition to execute and deliver high quality solutions. Their passion is digital products. In every single step. To the fullest extent.

They approached us to design a visual identity based on the Firefly logomark they had already created. Being a playful, young, educated, passionate and experienced team, they wanted to expand their logomark into a full visual identity, keeping the level of playfulness but adding some serious look and feel.


Web Page

A person surfing the Internet trying to find information spends on average less than 30 seconds on a web page. Knowing how busy Firefly clients and potential clients are, the Firefly website was designed to be memorable and quick to navigate.

All information is placed on one page and the layout is enriched with bold background transitions, oversized section headings and animations of custom illustrative elements. The site is optimized for all device sizes.

See the full preview of the Firefly web page. 

Employer Branding & Networking Merch

Work culture is very important to Firefly. They take pride in the products they develop as a team. The sense of community is strengthened through open communication, mutual respect, learning and a collaborative environment. Within the workforce, but also with customers. Firefly merch celebrates the joy of everyday activities. It is a simple reminder of mutual appreciation. The brand elements on the items are subtle and minimal. That's why they can be worn/used outside of the workplace. Because many do not want to be a walking advertisement.

The only exceptions to this rule are stickers that are meant to attract attention and occasionally display some cheeky, code-related humor.


Logomark design - Tomislav Čukelj, Firefly / Creative Direction, Visualizations & Graphic Design - Miro Tomić, Emtisquare

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