From the Heart. From Hercegovina by Emtisquare

From Hercegovina. From the Heart. 

Exploring our own heritage through design, this personal project, based on ethno motives of Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), pushes the traditional ornaments into the sphere of urban and modern interpretation.

Inspired by Zobnica (a kind of traditional bag made of wool), we have created a series of works relaying on the actual ethno motives, but with the freedom to create the new ones as well, respecting the traditional "look & feel". 


Inspired by Zobnica - traditional bag from Herzegovina

Tomic Family Wine Label

One of the first products from the Herzegovina series of works is the family label for the homemade wine Tomić. Produced in small quantities and for personal use, the label covers most of the bottle surface, communicating the origin of the wine and the family name. As many of the bottles are given as a gift to friends and extended family, the design is presentable and heartwarming, and easy to apply, as the label is self-adhesive.

From the Heart. From Hercegovina 2
From the Heart. From Hercegovina 3

From Jargon to Visuals

Language is one of the strongest elements of one's identity. Many countries and geographical regions have different jargon, slang or accent - and that's what makes them unique.

Having this in mind, we've created the series of visuals that work well in the form of a poster or printed onto t-shirts. They communicate some of the most common Herzegovinian words of jargon that we want to keep from being forgotten; "nudera" - means "look at this", "brte" - means "brother", "ganga" - a special form of singing that we have presented as "ga'n'ga", referring that ganga was popular in Herzegovina as rock 'n' roll was popular in other countries (yes, we're exaggerating ;).


Creative Direction, Visualizations & Graphic Design - Miro Tomić

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