A distinctively designed visual, identity, packaging or digital product that represents a step forward.


M. T. of our story, our founder & creative director Miro Tomić

With the passion, knowledge and curiosity, we create thoughtful products for print & digital. We support, create and discover your unique story and your purpose, having in mind your business goals and possibilities.

Working on the projects for Schneider Electric, Cisco, Dell, Orangina, Spezi, Ritter Sport and many other brands, we've forged our sense of analytic approach and design for functionality.

Through details and an open communication, in design and with people, our effort is to help you make a step forward. One step at a time. Each and every time. 

Emtisquare, vl. Miro Tomić 
Hvarska ulica 8A
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
VAT: HR 04185597471

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