Within a first seven seconds of meeting someone new, we form an impression, an opinion that determines whether we like them or not. It is similar with the first impression in business. It takes only a few seconds of the customers’ time to determine if you’re worthy of their interest (and money). Some say - that number is just seven seconds!

The Hygiene of Business

When you go out, you invest time in dressing well, you take a bath, you use perfume/make-up... In short - you prepare yourself to look presentable. You want the time spent with you to be pleasant experience. So when you present your products or services, why not do the same?

Hygiene of business means knowing who you are, what you do, how you communicate, through which communication channels, to whom, with what goal... This is how you create constant experiences that leave an impression. From the first interaction to the last - with one goal: to solve a customer's problem, to make their life better.

The Role of Design

Design is an intention behind an idea, a process or a (physical) product. This intention always has an outcome that solves one or more problems. The intention is to solve a problem in a pleasant way. So we are now talking about your customers' experience and not about your products or services. Your product or service is only a means to achieve this (pleasant) experience. It is imperative to communicate what we (as a business) can offer to our customers and we do it with the help of logo and visual identity, guided by the brand strategy. If you don't know the difference between the logo, visual identity and brand strategy, take a look at this article.

So, Remember

Human beings are perceptive. And that's why the first impression in business is so important. Visual perception is the key. Before we form our thoughts, we form a context in which those thoughts have meaning. And we do this so quickly that it is almost instantaneous. So do you think your visual representation of your business is important? It is - because it identifies you with pleasant experiences from the past and the future. And we all pay for pleasant.