Spezi Glass Bottle & BTL Promo Redesign

The taste of original Spezi, widely recognized in Germany and some other countries across the Europe combines cola and orange juice. For more than 60 years, the unique logo of this brand has been associated with quality and pleasurable moments.

60 years after its invention, old school packaging of Spezi is updated and refreshed for the new generations to continue the story of fun and friendship!


Collage of Friendship

The small pleasures of life (like Spezi) and the little unforgettable moments we create with others is what counts the most! That’s why the new Spezi packaging is a visual reminder of how important it is to have a friend for life, but even more important – to be a friend for life! 


HoReCa Sampling Box & BTL Promo

To spread the news of Spezi and friendship, we have created the sampling box for the HoReCa sales channel. Sales representatives have shared the boxes to the owners and the managers of the targeted coffee shops, restaurants and hotels. Presenting the product in a new and more personal way, feedback was very positive, resulting with the bigger numeric distribution and new interest in the old product.


Promo posters of the new product image and combo offers with coffee have helped to raise the interest at the point of sale. Also, we have designed custom shaped table flyers that communicate the product and the brand story at once. Filled with custom fun messages (we called them "Spezialist's tips") Spezi flyer was a conversation starter, cheering potential customers and raising the interest in the product. 


Brand Concept & Strategy / Product Development - Katarina Galović 
Creative & Art Direction / Packaging Design / Graphic Design / Copywriting - Miro Tomić

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